Autofracture LLC is a consulting company specializing in cloud computing.

Need to deploy a private cloud, or hadoop cluster quickly?

Need helping in migrating to Linux or SmartOS?
Looking for automation and tooling?

Shannon offers professional services in UNIX/Linux administration, specializing in cloud deployments: SmartOS clouds, and Cloudera Hadoop clusters. She's written and given training on SmartOS globally. She has over 15 years experience in UNIX System Administration. For professional services inquiries: ps at

Additionally Shannon transitioning the company to an advanced science and technology company commercializing consumer electronics. Autofracture has created Project Open NanoCarbon an open source project to solidify carbon from atmospheric CO2, in order to:
  1. radically lower the global concentration of atmospheric CO2 in about two decades
  2. better supply consumer electronics industry with a highly recyclable material
  3. supply premium new technology: high electrical capacity and high strength material in new electronic devices and materials.