Building Autofracture

Help me build an eco-friendly, cradle-to-cradle, materials science innovation platform to create nanomaterials and build smart power-saving hardware.

Geek out on quantum chemistry, nanoelectronics, nano carbons, phonons, and dynamic systems or 2D materials manufacture, e.g., process engineering, nanomaterial science, Shannon is looking for a co-founder(s) to bring these dreams to reality, email: shannon at

Why focus on helping accelerate efforts to net zero?

From 1750 through 2022, we emitted 2.575792 terra tonnes of carbon dioxide by weight from human-caused emissions, causing the temperature increase and increased temperature extremes over the preindustrial about 1.4ºC. We have a radically short amount of time to take the most advantage of temperatures before 1.5ºC, and the storm extremes associated with those increases. In order to hold the door open for the best possible future, one where clean CDR helps reverse the climate crisis, we must get to a net of zero yearly CO₂ emissions (aka net zero) largely by converting as much of the fossil fuel economy as possible to the clean, renewable, zero carbon intensity powered economy. Given the use levels of emissions matching up to climate modeling, we're likely to hit 1.5ºC by early next decade. However, abstractions from carbon budget utilization set reaching this sooner. To head off worsening catastrophe, we must accelerate beyond stated levels of global ambition, such that every company that sees itself as sustainable seeks net zero ASAP.